Friday, May 2, 2014

South of Turkey - Bodrum

As we decided not to fly to Greece, we took the bus to Bodrum. Our plan was to stay at the port town of Bodrum for a week or so then take a ferry to Kos island in Greece, stay there for a couple of nights then the overnight ferry to Santorini island.

We found a nice holiday rental on Trip Adviser, it said "Apartment in Turkey, Bodrum City!" the map clearly indicated that it is right in the middle of Bodrum town. So we booked.

On the day of our departure from Istanbul, we found out that the place we booked was actually about an hour drive from the town. It's in the north, near a little town called Guvercinlik. Too late to cancel now.... (the owner was nice enough to offer a free pick up & drop off from the town etc - we blame ourselves and the TA for putting the wrong map location - TA's map is still very inaccurate in some parts of the world - very annoying)

So where we are spending our next week is actually here:

Oh well...

Turned out, this place is actually beautiful.
Big house with two rooms, two bathrooms, terrace with BBQ facility, swimming pool, sunbeds on our terrace.... And public transportation to Bodrum town, although only every 2 hours...and it takes about an hour... Bodrum town is a bit touristy but really beautiful place too ... Bodrum photos. But I think I prefer staying up here.

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