Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Our first time on the continent of Africa

From Istanbul, we flew into Casablanca in Morocco. This was our first time visiting the African continent. We took the train from the airport to Casa Voyageurs. The train goes every one hour and costs 40 MAD each ("Second Class" which was quite acceptable). We then took the "Petit taxi" and probably got ripped off because we paid 50 MAD....(from the hotel to the train station on our way out of Casablanca, we hailed a cab on the street and it was only 16 MAD)... lame. oh well.

Hotels in Casablanca are kind of expensive for what they are.... Our hotel was in the middle of the Medina and in front of a square, very noisy... but interesting.

View from our balcony
Square - still quiet

We only had 3 days in Casablanca but that was probably enough. We went to the Hassan II Mosque (of course), walked around the Medina, played with cats... hung out at the cafes and had lots of Moroccan tea (yummy!), oh and dined at Rick's Cafe.... which is totally overrated. 

Oh, and we were extras in a Moroccan movie.

............So if you see us in a Moroccan movie, let me know because I have no idea which film we are in... 

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