Monday, May 26, 2014

My favorite shop in Chefchaouen - La Botica de la Abuela Aladdin

There are lots of cute souvenir shops in Morocco. Unfortunately, traveling around the world with a backpack means I can't buy much stuff. It can be VERY frustrating at instead I get lots of joy out of buying consumable goods - for example, when I run out of Shampoo or conditioner, I get very excited because it means I can buy a new shampoo from a new country which I have never tried before. Fun. I've already tried shampoo from Thailand, India and Turkey. Olive oil conditioner from Greece. Moroccan Argan oil from Marrakesh (I go through shampoos very quickly!).

We were walking around the Blue city when we spotted this very colorful shop. For one thing, this was the best smelling store in all of Morocco. The shop owner doesn't bother you - he let you browse in peace which I like. They have about 20 different types of handmade soaps, all made from natural ingredients. They also have various oils and natural perfumes and deodorants. Since I was running out of body wash, I thought - Perfect!! (ok I still had 1/4 of it left but I took shower twice so I could finish it all in one day)

So in need of new body wash, I probably spent about an hour sniffing different soaps - Argan, Rose, Amber, Sandalwood, Musk, Menthol, Vanilla and a lot more!

Ended up with one small size 'Petalos de rose exfoliate' & big size Sandalwood soap. They both smelled amazing!!

I tried the Rose soap the next day, liked it so I went back and bought more for some friends we are going to be visiting in Spain - our next stop. Hope they'll like smelly stuff too.


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