Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Moroccan wedding

As we were checking into our riad in Tangier, we were told that there will be a wedding outside the riad this afternoon. Oh great!

The owner apologized and said "it will be noisy, lots of people, music..."
We said "oh, it's no problem at all"
Owner "..and cow killing and some blood, you want to see? :) "

We didn't want to see (..well I kind of wanted to see initially) so after we settled in and unpacked, we decided to go out (so we won't have to hear any of it).....BUT when we came out, the ceremony had already started.

We came out of our riad to go out.... 

oh no.... they are pulling the cow

They've tied up the cow now.... it's time to leave, quickly Quickly!

There was no way we could stay and watch... it is too horrifying. So we went out....

When we returned..........
Blood all over
Seriously considering becoming a vegetarian (Frode already is).

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