Monday, May 5, 2014

Cats in Istanbul..

Cats are everywhere in Turkey - in the parks, restaurants, cafes, bus ticket offices, mosques, churches, shops, banks..... I think this is one of the reasons why I am enjoying Turkey so much.
And most of them are really friendly.... you call them and they come to you..unlike my cat, Kiki in Japan.

A small park near our apartment in Sisli, lots of friendly cats!!!!

Not only they are friendly, but they are really brave. While in Istanbul, we decided to spend the afternoon playing with the cats in the park, a mean looking dog came by and tried to bully the cats. The dog came really close to the cats, trying to intimidate them... I was scared and hid behind the bus stop, while the cats all stood together and hissed at the crazy dog. The cats' back hair standing up. Stare-down continued for about 2 minutes then the dog decided to leave....The cats won! But the stupid dog decided to come to me instead and started chewing my sneakers!! He then almost bit my leg (he did bite my leg but not very hard)... Frode came to rescue me but I almost died (thank goodness I had Rabies shots).

Brave cats against the crazy dog.... 

They are all stray cats but are all well fed and quite healthy looking.  While at the park, wee saw a lady came with water bottle and food so these stray cats are looked after well by the neighbors. Good!

I have more photos of cats... here 'cats around the world' ! 

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