Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bodrum to Kos - trippin' on the ferry

It was time for us to leave Turkey (we'll be back!), and head over to Greece. Specifically, to Kos island.
Our ferry

The main reason we picked Bodrum as a destination in Turkey was the proximity to Kos, and the availability of a ferry journey between the two ports.

We had bought our tickets during our day trip to Bodrum town, so all we needed to do was show up on time.

We arranged a taxi from our accommodation - the security guard was kind enough to phone the taxi for us, in Turkish, which saved us a lot of effort, I'm sure.

The taxi arrived on time, and we were off!
We had allowed plenty of time for the trip, so we were there over an hour early, and found the line outside the passport control office / ferry boarding point.

We talked to one of the furry locals for a few minutes..
Our last Turkish cat friend?

Then the line started moving and we made our way inside.
There was even an X-ray machine, it was almost like being at an airport. But much quicker and more casual.

After the formalities, we still had some time to kill, so it was breakfast time.
Concentrating on the food..

We boarded the ferry - this was a people-only boat - and set off.

We initially sat in the sun, right in front of a Russian family, but it was too hot and noisy, so we moved.
Sitting in the hot seat

The travel time was only about an hour - you can see across the water to Kos from Bodrum and vice versa.

Bodrum harbour as seen from the ferry

The trip was quick and the sea pretty calm, so it was pretty painless.
We arrived in Kos harbour, found a ferry office for the next step (to Santorini), got tickets and then walked to our hotel (after the GPS lied to me and said it was only 600m, but it was more like 1,600m !!), and our Greek adventure had begun!

Kos harbour, with another Turkish ferry in port

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