Saturday, May 10, 2014

Blue Star Ferry to Santorini island

After a quick & fun stay at Kos island, we headed off to Santorini island in Greece. Not sure if there are other ferry companies operating between Kos and Santorini but we decided to go with the Blue Star Ferry which seemed to be the most popular one. Plus with our Eurail Pass, we received 30% off, yay!

We arrived at the port around 7pm and boarded the ferry at 7:45pm..
It was a big ferry with lots of people. There is no assigned seating so everyone was quite keen to get on board quickly.

The ferry was a lot nicer than I expected. It had a few different places to eat, wifi (although not free: 3 euro for 3 hours, 5 euro for 24 hours), bar, cafe, comfortable chairs (compared to the ones we are used to from Nepal and India), and very clean. I might have heard it wrong but I am pretty sure one of the announcements mentioned something about a 'disco' area too.... I really wanted to check it out but never got a chance ( you will see below).

I am not a big fan of ferry or ship or any kind of water transportation as I get sea sick. But I have been told that it is big enough I won't feel a thing. So we decided to have a glass of wine in the lounge and chill out.

Everything was fine till about one hour into the trip... then I started to feel a bit weird. I could feel everything was moving around me and felt quite ill.
So I lied down, and been told I am not allowed to lie down until 11:30 (when they stop serving food). I am thinking to myself, well if I end up throwing up I will make sure to throw up all over this place.

Eventually, we arrived in Santorini, at around one am. Managed to sleep but exhausted. Really not looking forward to another ferry ride (from Santorini to Athens - plus it will be a longer one too, eek).

Before leaving Kos, I read some blogs where it mentioned how difficult it is to get a seat on the local bus. And the taxi will be hard to get and extremely expensive, so we organized a pick up (considering the fact that we were arriving in the middle of the night).

When we disembarked from the ferry however, we saw lots of taxis and the local bus that goes to the main bus terminal in Fira. It was so easy to find, wtf. Local bus would have cost us only 2.20 euro each vs. private pick up 8 euro each!!! Stupid bloggers (this is where I got my info... but maybe they were talking about high season)
This is the local bus we could have caught... waiting just outside the ferry exit area. Grrrrrrrrrr

Thanks Blue Star, see you again very soon, bleh!

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