Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Blue City, Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen - Blue City in Morocco......
Our original itinerary didn't include Chefchaouen but we were glad we stopped by this little town on our way to Tangier (Thanks Aric!). Chefchaouen is kind of half way between Fes and Tangier. There is no train station so we caught the CTM bus from Fes - it's only about 200km north of Fes but took us 5 hours (the bus takes numerous stops and really long toilet breaks). As soon as we arrived in the Medina, we were so excited! It is such a pretty place - everything painted in blue, even the plant pots outside people's houses.

This has to be our favorite place in Morocco. People are friendly and helpful. The Medina is not massive so even we didn't get lost in it. Oh and the petite taxis are also blue to match the town and they are much cheaper than other cities in Morocco .... (although you don't really need to use taxi around blue city, only going to/from the main bus station, approx 10 dh).

Also, because of its proximity to Spain, a lot of people here speaks Spanish (as well as French, English and Arabic). They'd first try in French and when you look confused, they'd switch to Spanish.... and when you still look lost, they'd finally say "Inglés?" - It really makes you feel inferior! So I said "Japonés?" (ha - I bet you can't speak this!!!) And the restaurant owner responded - "あー日本人の方ですか?いらっしゃいませ。今日は地中海の新鮮なマグロがありますよ" ........ fine! "Tusen Takk" (The only word I know in Norwegian) 

So anyways needless to say I took many many many photos, here are some... enjoy!

Walking around Medina.....

Around Chefchaouen (the 'small' waterfall, the museum, goat cheese shop, my favorite soap shop)

The cutest cat in Morocco: (you have to click to enlarge - he is really cute)

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