Thursday, May 29, 2014

12 days in Morocco

So having wrapped up our 12 days in Morocco, here is the itinerary of our trip.

We flew into Casablanca from Istanbul, spent two days exploring the city. We then caught the train to Marrakesh. The train ride was about 4 hours - clean train, even for 2nd class.

Marrakesh was a lot more touristy and had a lot of things to do. Big Medina, lots of restaurants....

After three days in Marrakesh, we took another train to Fes. This was a long train ride - approx. 8 hours.

We were chatting with a very friendly guy from NY who was born in HK and grew up in Hawaii. We had fun listening to him but forgot to ask his contact details! Really regretting this..

Anyways.....the train actually went via Casablanca so what we should have done was to fly into Marrakesh and start our journey there... and make our way up north, oh well...

CTM bus - probably the nicest bus in Morocco
We spent two days in Fes. We really enjoyed Fes. It is a lot smaller than Marrakesh and a lot easier to navigate (we still got lost though) and people seem friendlier.

After Fes, we took the CTM bus (left) to Chefchaouen, stayed there for three days. Chefchaouen is also known as Blue City - my personal favorite. A must-see place in Morocco!

From Chefchaouen, we took a different bus - The Bus company is called Nejme Chamal. It was a lot less clean than the CTM bus... but it was quite cheap (35 dh per person plus 10 dh for luggage).

Ferry ride from Tangier to Tarifa
Our last stop was Tangier - the port town of Morocco, where we stayed overnight only (as we were told by many people that it is a s*ht hole -   we actually found it rather nice but maybe that was because we had our expectations set really low...) and took the ferry to Tarifa in Spain.

No doubt my favorite city in Morocco is Chefchaouen. The second on my list is Fes, then Marrakesh, Tangier .... on the bottom of the list is Casablanca.

Never became a big fan of Moroccan food but I did find one or two pretty amazing restaurants (one in Chefchaouen & another in Tangier). In case you are interested, the Chefchaouen is called Restaurant Populaire BAB SSOUR and the place in Tangier is called Restaurant Rif Kerabdani.

Morocco was definitely very different from all the other countries we've visited so far, so it was great! Really looking forward to coming back to Africa after 3 months in Europe - then it will be East Africa - stay tuned!! :) 

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