Friday, January 16, 2015

Our last stop - San Francisco

Our last stop on this trip was San Francisco!

We really enjoyed our stay, probably our favorite city in the USA so far! :-)

Lots of nice restaurants, warm weather, friendly people, pretty houses & lots of vegetarian options!

We were able to catch up with Sarah & Tony while in SF too which made our stay even more special! yay.

Cute houses (but very expensive!) 
Lots of vegetarian food!
Great to be vegetarian in San Francisco. So many options. Most restaurants would do vegetarian option, nice!!

Wholefoods market was just 5 minutes walk from our place so we did a lot of cooking at home too.

But dining out wasn't too expensive either... and lots and lots of amazing restaurants.. just can't really get used to the whole tipping thing but oh well!

Jelly beans! 
Dim Sum @ Chinatown 
French Onion soup 
Fresh oysters
Chicago style deep pan pizza
Golden Gate Bridge! Last time I was here was....21 years ago, wow.

Chinatown..... and Japan town... means great Asian food, yum. I could really live here. 

But the best part of our SF stay was that my friend Sarah was able to come over from LA! We haven't
seen each other in over two years.

We got too excited on our first night and drunk too much and we were too hangover to do anything the next day.... which was kind of stupid because she was only in SF for the weekend.

We did managed to pull ourselves together by Saturday afternoon and ended up doing a lot together so it was all good!

All in all, great final week of our 365 days trip around the world. 

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