Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Six days in Panama

We've been so busy with our secret project that I have not had time to update our blog.

So here's the quick update on what we've been up to in the past couple of weeks.

After our adventure in South America, we've travelled to Panama City in Panama.

We didn't do much research prior but it turned out to be a great trip.

Panama is really a developed city. Thanks to the Panama Canal, it’s a very multicultural city too - there are lots of people from all over the world, you can find a decent Yum Cha to pretty amazing Dal Makhani.

Panama city
Great Italian too
Pani Puri
Oh and the shopping was great too, you can get all sorts of things in Panama city, like 30 different kind of cereal at a local supermarket.

Panama city also has the biggest shopping mall in Central America; Albrook mall and it was huge!!
Koala at the mall
El trapiche

Panamanian food

We also visited the famous Panama Canal (it’s not that close to the city, we took the metro to Albrook mall first then cab to Miraflores locks).

There are two locks, one on Atlantic ocean side - Gatun locks & another on Pacific ocean side - Miraflores & Pedro Miguel locks. Though they are expanding.

Miraflores locks is the main place for viewing the Panama Canal for tourists. It also has a museum that charges USD $3 for locals and USD $15 for non-residents. A little pricey for just seeing the ships go past, we thought… but then we were glad we went. It was very interesting, it was definitely worth it.

So here’s some photos – can you see the water go down?

Neat huh? 

BUT the best part of Panama trip was that we didn't have to pay for our 6 nights hotel stay at Hyatt! 

The hotel was only six weeks old so it was still adjusting phase. 
It is a beautiful hotel with spacious rooms, great gym & swimming pool, very centrally located and the staff are extremely helpful. 

On our third night, while it was raining heavily outside, water started leaking from the AC unit – a lot of it, so we had to get a bucket to catch the water. They moved us to a different room and brought us a fruit platter to apologize. 

The following day, we found a little visitor in our new room – a little mouse. It was actually quite cute but not something you want in your hotel room. They moved us to yet another room and told us that the entire stay is on the house. 
Wow, that was nice. We would have been quite happy with some discount but free is better! Yay! Oh, and they brought us another fruit platter!

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