Sunday, November 2, 2014

Cats everywhere - our favourite place in Lima

We found this park by accident. We were staying at the Casa Cielo and the Miraflores Central Park / Kennedy Park were just 5 minutes away. There are at least 100 cats in the park and most of them are extremely friendly.

A walk in the park to find....
Lots of cats !!
Everyone's got a cat on their lap
I had one
Frode had two!
Sleeping with his tongue out
While we were there, we saw a lot of locals feeding cats (with proper cat food) so we decided to come back the next day with some cat food.

A huge bag full of cat food
Brought some food!
More food for the cats
While we were feeding the cats, we were approached by a couple who claimed to be dentists - they were collecting some donation (we couldn't really understand for what) and in return they've gave us free dental check ups & three cookies. Weird but fun for 3 soles each.

'Here, have some cookies'
'Mmm cookies'
'you have bad teeth'
'Go to the dentist when you go home'
'Ah thanks. I was going to...'
Here is something cute. A cat giving a massage.

We have taken a lot more photos of cats on cats around the world page. Have a look. They are really cute.

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