Thursday, October 16, 2014

Peeved in Caminito - La Boca, the street full of happy colourful buildings

We walked all the way from Plaza de Mayo to Caminito, actually we got a little lost and walked past it. We were on the wrong street, it didn't look very safe walking but nothing happened.. I was probably just paranoid but I did step on a dogpoo so maybe it was bad.

Anyway we got to Caminito and suddenly it was very touristy! Where did all these people come from? I didn't see any tourist-looking people when we were walking along the back streets... Later I googled the distance and it was over 5km that we walked - no wonder I was tired!

Caminito was fun. Lots of colours. Buildings were very interesting to see.

But we did have another very unfortunate incident...(apart from me stepping on poo, oh yeah, I walked into a puddle too, I just remembered that now!)

I originally wanted to try this Japanese restaurant called Sal Telmo Shokudou (which was on our way) for lunch but for whatever reason it was closed.

What we should have done was to find a place to eat before coming to Caminito, but we kept going.... I was getting hungry and tired, not a good combination. When we got to Caminito, we were starving and a little grumpy (when I say 'we' I mean me).

FYI - We normally try not to go to very touristy restaurants as they often rip you off and serve bad food.

But we were getting hungry. Plus there was a tango show happening inside the restaurant and the waiter was very keen... saying to us 'free tango show' - ok, fine......

Tango show
A BIG mistake!

This has to be one of the worst restaurants I have ever been to.

First of all, as soon as we sat down the tango dancers came over (who just finished their dance) and asked for money. I told them we just sat down, we haven't even seen the show yet. So they reluctantly moved to another table to ask for money.

Then the waiter brought bread and some eggplant thing. The bread was so hard, it was probably three weeks old. The eggplant thing was tasteless.

Our food came. I ordered grilled salmon and it was just awful. It was so dry I couldn't even eat it. There were two pieces of lettuce with it and they were brown. The waiter came over and asked how the food was I said 'it's too dry I can't eat it' - He couldn't understand (English) and I didn't know how to say 'dry' in Spanish.

Then another tango dancers came (who were performing while we were trying to eat the hard bread and tasteless eggplant) and they asked for money. This time I just told them, no (I was still hungry and I was getting really grumpy). The guy didn't go away so I had to be really firm and say 'Sorry, NO!' then they went away. But they were really forcing other people to give money which most people did because they didn't want to create a scene.

I was ready to leave so we asked for the bill.

The bill came out and it was over $70 (AUD) - way more than what I have calculated in my head from looking at the menu. We were not carrying a large amount of cash, in case... u know we get mugged n stuff :p ).

Upon closer inspection, there was the 'service charge' of 25 ARS per person... and there was 'TIPS' 55ARS, so approximately additional $20 AUD was added to our bill. wtf!!!

This was almost like a scam, dishonest and seriously pissed me off.

The service charge I can maybe accept (for the hard bread and gross eggplant - and apparently it was mentioned on the bottom of the menu) but it really doesn't make sense to pay them additional when I couldn't even eat my meal!

It was bad enough we were paying over $50 for crappy food!! And how dare them they put the 'TIP' along with the food items as it was a part of a meal... so sneaky and annoying!!!!!!! anyway I told them they were being a#&holes ... in a nice way and told them to revise the bill which they unwillingly did.

So it was kind of ok but still who accepts that kind of bulls#it? And it definitely left us with a bitter taste.

By the way, when I got home I checked on Tripadvisor reviews of this place and sure enough the place has the worst ratings ever... Really should have read the reviews before going there.

To end on a positive note though... we had a nice dinner and a nice bottle of Mendoza wine at home!
so I am happy :-)

Merlot from Mendoza

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