Sunday, October 12, 2014

Checking out the Chinatown in Buenos Aires

See? our cool neighbourhood with cool graffiti 
We are staying in a cool and supposedly hip little area called Palermo (with lots of cool cafes & shops) and about 3~4km away is a suburb called Belgrano C also known for its Chinatown.

Since I am kind of into cooking at the moment - we bicycled there to check out some Asian groceries.

I had more fun checking out this place than the Casa Japonesa (which is on Venezuela 2130, Buenos Aires, Capital Federal).

There are lots of shops with Asian groceries including Japanese stuff. Casa Japonesa is just one shop on Venezuela street and not that many selections - I was quite disappointed when I went there (maybe I had high expectations after going to Liberdade in Brazil).

Anyway Belgrano C was packed with people.. wide selection of Asian grocery - we bought some tofu (yes, tofu is good for you), dried wakame (seaweed, also good for you), anpan (for Frode!) & other stuff (other good stuff).
Chinatown in Buenos Aires, yay!
Casa China, yay!
Sushi too, yay!
Vegetarian stuff, yay!
Even Natoo, yay!!!
Double yay! 

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