Saturday, October 25, 2014

Buenos Aires to Mendoza

So after almost 3 weeks in Buenos Aires, we were on the move again.

We took the overnight bus with CATA International - I have to say this was the most comfortable bus ride ever! We bought tickets for their 'Royal Suite' - because it sounded cool ....and it really was!!!!

Very spacious
It's a double decker bus but only has 26 seats in total! Six on the first floor and 20 on the second.

The seats were super comfortable - it reclines 180 degrees!!

There is a partition so even the seat in front of you recline all the way, it does not affect you.

Personal entertainment system on each seat, although all the movies were in Spanish...

The dinner and breakfast are also served on the bus and they were actually quite yummy.

Full & Happy
Breakfast - lots of Dulce de leche!
Oh, and they also give you a small bottle of Mendoza wine (yay!) and a glass of champagne in a proper champagne glass!! Just enough drinks to be happy and zzz......

The bus ride was about 13 hours but it went very quickly.

When I woke up around 7am, totally rested, we were served breakfast. After breakfast and coffee, the bus arrived in Mendoza.


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