Saturday, October 11, 2014

Argentinian Wines

I love wines - Did you know? :-)

So any country with great wines at a reasonable price is my favorite place to visit.

Argentina definitely has some amazing wines. And they are very reasonably priced.

So I like Argentina.

My favourite vino blanco (so far): Tocornal chardonnay

and for champaña: Federico de Alvear (so far), Mmmmmmm...

Since Frode is not a big red wine drinker, we haven't tried one yet... but don't worry I will! Very very soon!

A lot of the wines I like are from Mendoza, a famous wine region in Argentina.

So I am super excited that we've decided to stop for a few days in Mendoza on our way to Santiago de Chile!

And apparently the drive from Mendoza to Santiago is really beautiful.

The bus ride will be long... again but I am sure it will be worth it!

We also tried Uruguayan wine in Montevideo and it was amazing too. This was my first Uruguayan wine ever (because I don't see them in Japan or Sydney). I wish I can remember the name of the wine we had.

Anyway it was a house wine at La Fonda (In case anyone's going to Montevideo!) - they only use organic vegetables and their pastas are all handmade. Here: Yummmmm
Freshly baked bread
Homemade pasta at La Fonda
That's all for today. Ah it's really getting hard to keep up with our blog.... 

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