Thursday, September 4, 2014

Our budget update

So before commencing our trip (seven months ago), we set a clear budget plan for our trip. We've been pretty good at the beginning - makes it easier to be under budget in places like Thailand, Myanmar and India.

......BUT as soon as we hit Western Europe, our budget went over.

It was almost too scary to look at our savings accounts.. and it was getting too difficult to keep track while we were moving almost everyday with all different currencies n all... Anyway now we have had some quiet time in Cape Town to catch up on some of our admin stuff, I have got hold of our money situation, I think.

So just for fun, I have summarized how good/bad we have been in terms of keeping to our budget for accommodation:

Blue line shows the actual spend (daily) on accommodation. The bold grey line is our budget line. Dates are shown on the bottom.

So as you can see, until June, we were pretty good in keeping budget under control and then after around 15th of June - which was when we entered Paris.... the budget went waaaaayyyyy over... It is roughly something like this (below):

So going forward, we may need to re-adjust our budget slightly so that not only we keep within our original budget but maybe leave some money for when we finish the trip! :-p

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