Saturday, September 20, 2014

Checking out the Japanese town in São Paulo, Brazil

South Africa to South America!

After almost a month in South Africa. We crossed the South Atlantic ocean and arrived in South America!

This is my (Naomi) first time in South America so I am super excited! A lot to see and experience!!!!

Our first stop: São Paulo, Brazil.

Weird street lights
Apparently, Brazil has the largest Japanese population outside of Japan.

There are something like 1.4 to 1.5 million Japanese descent in Brazil, and a lot of them are in São Paulo.

So I was very curious to check out Liberdade - the Japanese town in São Paulo!

We were staying near the Avenue Paulista so we walked to Liberdade. We took the long way - took us about two hours of walking (there are much quicker ways but we wanted to walk along the Paulista avenue and other areas south of Liberdade).

It's a lot like China town except there are more Japanese writings and Japanese stuff.

There were at least four big supermarket type of places where they sold Japanese groceries. And lots and lots of Japanese restaurants.

Ramen for lunch - it was the best Ramen we've had since Japan!! Mmm....

More funny building...It's a bank
The lunch was good but it wasn't cheap. We paid something like 37 real (approx. $16) for one bowl of ramen. 

We bought some grocery (so we can cook some Japanese at the beach house in Bombinhas). Yay! 

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