Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Cape of Good Hope and more.....

Fish Hoek Beach
Boulders Beach
Smitswinkel Bay
Cape Town has some amazing beaches..... 

We were lucky enough to get a beach house in a place called Sunny Cove. ('The Seahorses Sea View Apartment') It's just an hour train ride from Cape Town, along the east side of South Peninsula. 

To our north is Fish Hoek. It's about 15 minutes walk (along the beautiful beach) or 5 minutes by bicycle. It's probably the closest little town from our place here... we'e learnt that this town used to be a 'dry town' - Apparently, they serve alcohol at restaurants now but still no liquor shop in town - which means we have to walk (or cycle) a little longer for some booze! 

For this, we have to go south towards Simon's town, somewhere between Sunny Cove and Simon's Town.... a supermarket called SPAR (Not a 'spa' like we initially thought) or a liquor shop right next to it. 

If you go further South, there is the famous Boulders beach. And lots of cool old buildings along the way. 

If you go even further South, there is the Cape Point!

The Village
So today, we got to see the Cape Point - thanks to our host at the Seahorses (who were kind enough to drive us around!) as well as all the other nice beaches, villages/towns on the way.

We left home just before 9 and headed south. We drove past a village called 'Smitswinkel Bay' which can only be reached by boat or walking down the path - no running water, no electricity but beautiful beach right in front of it. ....Very nice... but maybe not for us, we like the hot bath and air conditioner!

Another 10~15 mins drive, we came to the Cape Point Conservation area. There is an entry fee - Jeanette and Richard (our hosts) had the "green card" (which provides 12 free entries to Capetonians and they can invite the guests IF they are also locals) so we tried (even mentally prepared to talk like Afrikaans but decided against it - just keep our mouths shut) but it didn't work - so we paid 105 rand each.. oh well!

It was definitely worth it though... the views from Cape Point was amazing. And it was still relatively early in the morning so the place was quite empty - enjoyed the views (and the chips) all by ourselves (...mostly).

Going up to the lighthouse!
Atlantic Ocean & Indian Ocean
Views going up
Old lighthouse
Lizard, our new friend
View from old lighthouse
Cape Point
Stick insect! 
Slangkoppunt lighthouse
Healthy weird drinks! yum
So yes, we had fun exploring around Cape of good hope. The only thing was despite many warning signs for the 'aggressive baboons', we never spotted one. I never want to encounter them if I am walking alone but it would have been nice to see them from the distance (where I am safe inside the car). 

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