Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Crazy HOT!

Dubai is HOT. I mean it's really hot..........temperature wise. I guess we never looked into the temperature (or anything else) about Dubai before coming here. Apparently, August is the hottest month - temperature range, the low 32°C - the high 43°C but it really felt like over 50°C (in fact, we were told by a taxi driver that one of the days we were there, it was over 50°C). We have never experienced anything like this... I mean Australia gets pretty hot too but it's always quite dry. But Dubai in August is hot AND humid which makes it unbearable, like you are in a sauna.

.....and this is a country where female should cover up so it makes it even harder. I wanted to walk around in my bikini but no, I was wearing "respectful clothing" by covering my legs and arms (although big malls where a lot of westerners are, this didn't seem to matter but inside the mall it was like -5°C so you would want to cover up anyway)

So what did we in the sauna city?

We tried to cool down by the hotel pool but even the pool water was warm... it was too hot to stay up in the rooftop. We tried cooling down by the shower by the pool, but only hot water! ahhhhhh !!

We went to Dubai marina to check out few things... (didn't know exactly what but still got dropped off there in 45°C heat) walked for a couple of minutes.... we couldn't even breathe...found a Baskin Robbins store, went in... had some ice creams to cool off.... then decided we had enough.

We still wanted to see Dubai so we hired a taxi to drive us around and did some sightseeing from the comfort of air conditioned taxi. Our taxi driver was a friendly Pakistani driver who also became our tour guide and taught us all about Dubai and the immigrant workers. He also told us about his family back in Pakistan (he has been away from his family for over 7 years!).

Atlantis on the palm
Dubai Marina
Burj Al Arab
Dubai Mall
Burj Khalifa
Dubai Mall - souk section
And he insisted we go and visit 'Ferrari World' while we are in Dubai, because he went there a year ago with his friends but it was super fun. He even searched for a YouTube video of this place (while he was driving...) and showed it to us on his smartphone.... from what I can tell it was like an amusement park with car shaped roller coaster. Err... no thanks.

Instead, we visited Dubai Museum to learn something new about Dubai. The museum is located in the oldest existing building in Dubai, aka, Al Fahidi fort which was build in 1787. Small but quite interesting museum which takes you through the development of Dubai before the oil discovery era then to the future plans. 

Lots of spices at local supermarket! 

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