Thursday, August 14, 2014

Budapest Recommendation

There are a lot to see and do in Budapest. We only had a few days but we managed to do quite a bit! Here are some of my favourites!!

1. Flower shaped Gelato
It's not just a gelato store. They create ice cream flower using their gelato as art material. It was fun to watch and delicious to eat. The flower was so pretty but it was melting quickly so we had to eat them fast! The store is right next to St. Stephen's Basilica.

2. Hot Spring
So apparently, Budapest is quite famous for hot spring. Since I love Onsen we tried one of them: Széchenyi thermal bath. This is the largest medicinal bath in Europe. There are different outdoor/indoor baths, swimming pool, different types of sauna etc. The water temperature is between 27 - 38°C, so slightly lower than the Japanese Onsen I am used to. The place was packed with people and it was a bit hard to be in warm water when the outside temperature was over 30°C. Still it was something different and fun. 

3. Regos Vendeglo es Falatozo
Really good Hungarian food (it was good for us anyway), friendly owners and amazing value! Oh and there was live music playing too - violin and piano.
Restaurant website:
Veal Paprikash and dumpling
Special Vegetarian plate

4. Cat Cafe
By accident, Frode found a pamphlet for a Cat cafe in Budapest. We had some time to kill before catching our night train to Zurich so we stopped by, and I am glad we went there. The cats were so cute. For approx. $5, you get a slice of cake and all you can drink! (unfortunately, all non-alcohol beverages :)
This place did not have as many cats as the one in Thailand but it was still very nice to play with the kittens!!!!! Ah I miss our Gonta (and Kiki). And can't wait to meet my brother's new cat, Rocky!!

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