Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Short stay in Amsterdam

So after Bruges, we took the trains up north to Amsterdam (via Brussels & Rotterdam). We decided to stay for two days in Amsterdam after a brief discussion with our travel buddies (mum and her friend). Everybody had different opinions as to how long we should stay there.

Once we arrived in Amsterdam, I knew immediately that two days was just too short. It's a big city, full of energy, interesting sights, great food and friendly people...and lots of bicycles and trams. It felt like a very happening place. Netherlands was playing against Mexico in world cup that night so everybody was dressed up in bright orange. And there were lots of cheering and screaming during the night! But all were happy. Too bad we can't stay for the next match on Saturday. Boo!

So what did we do during our short stay in Amsterdam. We managed to do a lot actually. We bought the 24 hours tram tickets, did the night canal cruise which was beautiful - interesting to catch a glimpse of red light district (I really wanted to walk around but had no time), had some yummy poffertjes, did some shopping (the sales are on in Europe at the moment - dangerous!!!), walked around the town, checked out the flea markets and caught up with my friend, Lucine!

Some interesting shops and cafes...

Catching up with Lucine!!! xoxoxoxoxo

We enjoyed our short stay at Amsterdam and we are definitely coming back! And longer next time.

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