Thursday, July 31, 2014

Lightning tour of eastern Europe

We are crazy.

You probably knew that, if you've been reading this blog or happen to know us in real life, but here's the confirmation..
We are now in our "every day is moving day" phase of the trip through eastern Europe.

We just arrived in Riga, Latvia this morning, after visiting Tallinn, Estonia for a half day and night.

Next, we're off to Warsaw, Poland, then Krakow, also in Poland, where we intend to visit Auschwitz.
I can't say that I'm looking forward to that, but it should be an interesting/intense experience..

A quick time table, so those who are seeking our sparkling company will know where to look. Contact us, please, through the usual social media or comments on this blog, we'd love to meet up where we can!

30/7 - 31/7Riga, Latvia
1/8 - 2/8Warsaw, Poland
2/8 - 4/8Krakow, Poland
4/8 - 6/8Berlin, Germany
6/8 - 8/8Prague, Czech Republic
8/8 - 10/8Vienna, Austria
10/8 - 11/8Bratislava, Slovakia
11/8 - 13/8Budapest, Hungary
14/8 - 15/8Zurich, Switzerland

We fly out of Europe on the 15th August to the Middle East!

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