Friday, July 4, 2014

Heading even further up north – Copenhagen

So we were finally heading to a Scandinavian country! 

I’ve been told that everything’s really expensive up north so did a quick shopping at a local supermarket in Bremen to stock up on little things (like makeup remover, mouth wash, shampoo, wine, etc) before getting on the train.

From Bremen to Copenhagen, we changed train once in Hamburg. The trains were super clean and very comfortable. Friendly and helpful train staff and easy to understand, very organized train schedules & timetables at the stations… I think I really like Germany.

Indicating train carriage numbers 
Print out of train timetable
Windmill everywhere!
To cross the border from Germany to Denmark, the train got on the ferry! Once the train was on the ferry, the passengers got off and hung out in the upper lounge – it was so weird!! I have never been on a ferry that carries a train. After 45 minutes on the ferry, we were asked to go back onto the train and it promptly left the ferry and kept on going as a train. 

Two hours later, the train finally arrived at Copenhagen. I am so excited to see the Scandinavian countries...for the first time! :-)

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