Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fun weekend in Finland (Part 1)

So Finland was amazing, thanks to Emilia and Mikke. After arriving in Turku, we drove to Pyhäranta which is about an hour drive north east of Turku. From there, we took a little boat out to Emilia's summer cottage number 1. It was simply beautiful! We got to experience Finnish sauna which was probably something I enjoyed the most in Finland. Finnish people are really big on sauna. Apparently they have sauna in their apartment houses in the city, if not individual ones then the shared one. How amazing! It's probably like how the Japanese people are with the bath.

Onto Emilia's little boat 
Out to the ocean again
The Summer House no.1
Sauna preparation
Wood stove 
Cooling down after sauna

So after a long day journey, we retired to bed around two am. Exhausted but happy.
The next morning, we woke up to this.... It was so peaceful and quiet, I could hear my stomach rumbling. 

After some yummy breakfast by the water, we played the Finnish version of Pétanque. Instead of silver ball, we throw wooden log.. It's really a fun game. It was getting really warm so we went for a quick swim before heading out to Emilia's summer house number 2! - which is in even more remote area, in fact it is so remote, there is no other family on the same island. To get there, we had to drive another 30 minutes and then to the bigger boat (Continue to Summer house no.2). 

Pétanque - Finnish version
It's getting serious!

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