Saturday, July 26, 2014

Crossing Baltic sea from Stockholm to Turku

After a very relaxing week in Stockholm, we took a ferry - The Viking Line - to Turku, Finland.
The Viking Line!
Early start..

Everything was super smooth and easy. We bought the tickets online, with Eurail pass we were able to receive 50% discount which meant we only paid 9 euro (!!) per person for the 12 hours ferry - pretty good for a Scandinavian country.  The ferry was packed with screaming children but apart from that the sea was calm and seats were comfortable. There is a huge duty free shop on board where we stock up on the booze for the weekend... as the main reason for going over to Finland was to see my dear friend, Emilia and her now fiancée, Mikke. I was worried that we can only bring 2 bottles per person (some may say that's enough for one weekend, but hey there were four of us.) Anyways I was pleasantly surprised that we can bring as many as 12 bottles!! (that's 6 bottles per person!) so no, we didn't buy 12... (we have lots of bags and we simply can't carry them all) so we bought 6 instead.

Arriving to Turku..... (FYI we don't know these people)

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