Sunday, July 20, 2014

12 days in Norway

We've been super busy the last couple of weeks, so we haven't been updating our blog. Now that we have some time in Stockholm (where we will be staying for almost a week), here are some updates & photos from Norway.

We first arrived in Oslo via Gothenburg (Sweden). The train ride was about 4 hours. The train left Gothenburg at 1pm and arrived in Oslo central at 4:52pm. After arriving in Oslo, we went to look for a restaurant. Because everyone goes away in July for the summer break, a lot of the restaurants were closed (some for over a month. crazy!) We eventually found one restaurant which looked ok (nothing fancy) but I was stunned at how expensive everything was. The dinner we had was...some kind of Asian noodles. On the restaurant sign it said 'Thai/Chinese/Japanese' (which basically means they have no idea what they are doing).
So one 'Asian' noodle and a small plate of 'Japanese' Sushi, two glasses of crappy white wine came to almost $100. So the next day, we packed our own lunch (at the hotel buffet ;p ).

Almost $2 for public toilet? Insane 
We stayed in Oslo for two nights then took another train to Stavanger, Frode's home town. Stavanger is a small but beautiful town on the west coast of Norway. We then took the bus/ferry to Bergen for Frode's grandma's birthday which was amazing. Bergen is the second largest city in Norway, very popular with tourists (there are a lot of Fjord Tours from Bergen). I enjoyed Bergen a lot and I wish I could have stayed longer. I will definitely have to come back to see more. After Bergen, we were supposed to fly back to Stavanger with the Norwegian Air (see more details).......but instead we had to fly to Oslo then to Stavanger (you can see how crazy this is - please see the map below, in case you are crap at geography). After about a week in Stavanger, we said our goodbyes then continued our journey - again 8 hours train ride back to Oslo then another 6 hours to Stockholm.

Photos from Norway (Click to enlarge) 



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