Monday, June 16, 2014

Different kind of pastas....

There are so many different kind of pasta in Italy. I am always very confused at the restaurant trying to remember which one's which. I always get mixed up between Tagliatelle and Tortellini (probably because they both starts with T!) Anyways, they are very different. One is a flat pasta, similar to fettuccine and the other one is a stuffed pasta, usually with meat and cheese.

So the popular ones I have seen at touristy restaurants are:
Spaghetti, Fettuccine, Lasagne, Linguine, Cannelloni, Penne, Rigatoni, Gnocchi, Ravioli and (sometimes) Pappardelle & Orecchiette.

They are all fine but when I see some weird pasta names I haven't seen before I get very excited and I have to try. And I get disappointed when a waiter brings a plate of thinner version of spaghetti or longer version of penne... To be honest, I care more about the pasta shapes than the sauce or what is in the pasta.

Pasta aisles are long in Italy!
Colorful pasta
And here are some end results.....(not by me, of course...)
Tonnarelli cacio e pepe
(Pasta with cheese & pepper)
(Stuffed pasta spinach and mozzarella)
(Tomato and basil)
(with grilled vegetables)
Scialatielli vongole e zucchine
(clams and zucchini)
Fettuccine bolognese
(meat sauce)
Trofie con pesto di pistachio
(Thin twisted pasta)
Wait!! There are more delizioso looking pasta on our blog, on our 'food around the world' page!

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