Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Turkish Sweets...

Turkish Sweets

We didn't know this but Istanbul is full of bakeries and cafes that serve yummy sweets, from cakes, chocolates, cookies to traditional Turkish sweets like lokum, churchkhela and of course dondurma!

1. Turkish Ice cream (Dondurma)
Very thick and hard to melt ice cream. And super tasty.
The vendors are usually very friendly and does a little ice cream serving performance where offer a free ice cream if you can grab it... to stop you from grabbing, they trick you into taking a cone which magically turns out to be an empty one....and other slight of hand tricks like this. Fun to watch. 'Frustrating' to experience! 
In his pocket
Keep missing it
More tricks
...finally, it's mine now! 

Lokum @ Egyptian Bazaar 
2. Turkish Delight (Lokum)
I was never big on Turkish delight....until I tried one here in Istanbul. There are so many different kind and they are so delightful!!! 

My favorite has to be the coconut and walnut lokum. We bought a box as a souvenir but it's not going to make it to Norway because we already started eating them... sorry!! 
24 lokum in a box for 16 TL from the market.
Already half gone.

3. Turkish Pretzel (Simit)

These carts are everywhere in Istanbul. It costs only 1 TL for a big Pretzel. You can have them with cream cheese or Nutella.

4. Cakes.... 
So many different kinds of cakes, and they are EVERYWHERE !!!

It's a good thing we are only staying in Istanbul for a week... otherwise we may not be able to fit into our pants!! 

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