Sunday, April 27, 2014

Turkish Haircut

So after travelling through some of Thailand, all of India and Nepal, it was time to get a hair cut again, here in Istanbul.

Right before!

So after sitting down, I got a warm towel around my shoulders, then, in stark contrast to how other places do shampooing, I got this:

Some strange Turkish torture? No, just face-down-lean-forward shampooing!

Very different, and I prefer the more usual "lean back into a funny-shaped sink" approach.
Oh, well..

Then, the cutting.. which took quite a while...

We didn't take a photo immediately afterward, but here's one from when we stopped for tea a short time later
New haircut and yummy refreshments!

So, a Turkish haircut! Cost: 30 TL (approx AU$ 15).
I'm sure I could have gotten one cheaper in India, but the only hair cut I saw there was a guy doing them on the side of the street, and that's a bit too scary. I want at least a chair to sit in...

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