Thursday, March 6, 2014

Visit to International Humanity Foundation (IHF) Orphanage

IHF has a center in Chiang Rai, so we decided to visit them.

IHF in Chiang Rai currently houses 11 children, age between 10-16 yr old. The center started with a woman who used to live in a Thai village and rescued 8 kids from abusive environments. To provide them with safer place to live and to get education. Now these kids have grown up but the center still houses more children to provide education they otherwise wouldn't get in their villages - mainly from Lahu & Akha tribes.

Joy, one of the directors at the center showed us around and we had an interesting conversation. Very eye opening for us. Joy is a human rights lawyer and has been at the center for already 6 months. She explained to us all the fun and the challenges of managing the place. There were a few directors working there and a couple of volunteers. Among them, they cook, clean, shop, do paper work and look after the kids - amazing. Since most of the kids are teenagers, it makes their job even more....interesting (challenging).

IHF has centers in Kenya and Indonesia. Indonesia center is an educational center (the kids don't live there) but the one in Kenya does. We mentioned that we are going to Kenya later in our trip and that we might be interested in volunteering ..... After I said that I realized: I am really not good with kids. I don't think I can live without hot water or soft beds. Joy explained that Kenya center is their biggest and they definitely could use some help. They have 75 children!!! And she will connect me up with the director from their Kenya office.

..... I still have another few months to mentally prepare. Plus something like this would probably makes me more patient (hopefully) and perhaps makes me a bigger person and less high maintenance.

Little care package we put together for kids

In case you are interested:

*They are currently fundraising for a truck - To provide transportation for kids to go to school or go to excursion (They hire a truck now - and it's very expensive). 

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