Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sickness: over!

Just in case it's not been made clear: we are both back to normal now. :-)
When we got to Bangkok, it was time to stock up on some medicines, to avoid the need to rely on the kindness of strangers..
We found a pharmacy in the same shopping centre as we tried out the Prepaid mobile terminal for the attempt to recharge our phones.

So, we bought a lot of drugs (legal ones!)
Drug dealing..

We got:
  • Loperamide - to stop diarrhoea, 'cause we've had more than enough of that!
  • Domperidone - to stop vomiting/nausea.
  • Bioflor - to restock our internal flora.
  • Cold and flu medicine - to stop flu symptoms, should we get that.
  • Rehydration / electrolyte mix - to restock electrolytes after/during diarrhoea/vomiting bouts.
  • "Flying Rabbit" - a herbal tummy soother made with menthol and some other "natural" things.
Skeptical note:
We tried the "flying rabbit" while we were still a bit ill, and it may have helped.
I'm still not 100% convinced we aren't simply correlating us recovering normally with taking this thing. 
I was already at the end of my antibiotics treatment by this stage, so I suspect that that helped me more than the rabbit.
We didn't control - we both took it, and we both got better. But would we have gotten better anyway? My guess is "yes".
We need a larger sample group and a control group, some decent blinding and a stats guru.

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