Friday, March 14, 2014

Our last stop in Thailand: Chiang Mai!

So our long stay in Thailand is coming to an end. In total we were in Thailand for almost 2 months (2 weeks of Myanmar in between). We've been to the south to some islands, jungle near Lang Suan/Pak Song, short stays in Bangkok and explored the Northern Thailand & Laos.

We've spent the last week in Thailand, mostly relaxing - we rented an apartment (via Airbnb) & a motorbike for a week. It was really nice to do the normal things, like make our own coffee in our little kitchen, cook our dinner, take a hot bath without worrying about running out of hot water, grocery shopping at the local supermarket....

Planning our India & Nepal trip
Clinic in Chiang Mai
Malaria Pills

But most importantly, we did some preparation for our trip to India & Nepal. We've never been to these countries so it's going to be interesting. We started by getting hold of lonely planet books in Chiang Mai - but India is huge! We were a bit overwhelmed by the amount of information online too. We managed to book a hotel in Kolkata which is our first stop in India - then we said "we'll figure the rest as we go!'

Oh but we went to the clinic and bought some malaria pills though - 160 pills each! (including ones for Africa too)

We are taking the sleeper train to Bangkok on Friday and flying to Kolkata on Saturday evening.
We had an awesome time in Thailand, it's time to move on!

Khorb Khun Ka, Thailand, see you again very soon.

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