Sunday, March 2, 2014

Northern Thailand - Golden Triangle, 'Hill Tribe Villages' & Laos

Day tour around Northern Thailand:

Some Hill tribe villages, Baan Si Dum, Golden Triangle, Don Sao island in Laos, Mae Sai, the border town of Thai/Myanmar & Monkey cave with super aggressive monkeys.

Really fun day but I want to look for different hill tribe villages...the ones we went were merely shops with Akha / Yao women in their traditional costumes, I am sure there are better ones......

Baan Si Dum - The Black House
Snake skin
The Black House
Baan Si Dum
Baan Si Dum
Baan Si Dum

One eyed Akha woman
Akha spirit gate
Boat ride to Laos
Don Sao Island

Golden Triangle 
Sop Ruak
Sop Ruak
Opium Museum
Mae Sai -  Thai /Burmese Border Gate 

Monkey Cave
Lots of aggressive monkeys

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