Sunday, March 16, 2014

12 hours of fun at Suvarnabhumi Airport

We arrived in Bangkok at 7:00 in the morning. Our flight to Kolkata was not due till 11:30 in the evening. After 15 hours of train ride from Chiang Mai, we took the local train and the airport link to Suvarnabhumi Airport from Hua Lamphong Railway Station - dragging our bags - it was very hot, the temperature. We were going to leave our bags at the airport and hang out in the cafe in Bangkok somewhere, but we found out we could check in early and plus we can hang out at the lounge! So scrap the Bangkok cafe idea, we decided to make the full use of business lounge - breakfast, lunch & dinner there... get a massage or two... maybe have a nap at the slumber room... take a shower.....get really drunk with free booze.
Making the most of lounge - booze!
Free massages....
...and Trying out all the sweets! turned out after a few hours, I was bored. Frode seemed to be happy (as long as he has wifi, power & comfortable couch [And free food/drinks! -Frode]).

I found out that you can only get one massage for free - they stamp your boarding pass (boo! -  it was an excellent massage though), I've probably tried most things on the buffet but I can only eat so much.....

Checked out the 'slumber room' but it was not really a room - it was more like some cubicles with little hard beds - there was a creepy looking guy sleeping next-door to me so I decided to leave. So I was bored again. Thus this blog entry. 

Hrmmm... so India. I've never been to India. I am so excited!! We don't know how long we'll stay there. All we know is that we also want to visit Nepal while we are in that region.

A lot of people told us India will be a very different kind of trip. I don't know what they mean.. yet. Very excited to find out.

They all told us 'Just be very careful with food and water'...

I get water. So we won't drink the tap water, we will avoid ice, we won't drink water bottle that's already open... we have to make sure we open the bottle ourselves... - apparently some restaurants in India, they would fill the mineral water bottles with tap water. Eek. (One lady we talked to saw them doing it in the kitchen, when they realized they were been watched, they quickly closed the door...scary!) So we get water.

But what about food? How do we be careful with food? Avoid street food, be vegetarian, oh yeah someone told us No fried stuff... too bad, I was really looking forward to Vegetarian samosa... oh well.
Anyways, apart from all that, how else can we be careful? I am so paranoid about the food in India now.

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