Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Thailand Pre-paid mobile

One of the things we needed to do on returning to Thailand from Myanmar, was to recharge our prepaid mobile phones.
After we found a recharge terminal (so simple! English language option! good tech level, Thailand!), we added some credit to our phones (just 100 Baht each), thinking that we'd top up our plan, which would keep it going.
Step 1: Choose your provider


We sat down to enjoy the included unlimited WiFi, and happily did stuff on the net for a while, then suddenly "I've been disconnected" - turns out that since our plan was for a month, and it was up, the 100 Baht were used at a rate of 1/min for the WiFi. **sigh**

So, I went to the nearest 7-Eleven store, as our prepaid info said that we can recharge our plan there, and sought help.

Step 2: Enter your mobile number
None of the staff spoke English with any confidence, but they understood me enough to get me 2x 500 Baht top-up vouchers, and one of them called the support line for the pre-paid for me - on his own phone! That's service and kindness!

I spoke with the customer service rep, who was quite fluent in English, and managed to get the info for how to buy our plan again, using the 500 Baht vouchers.

It's simple:

  • Apply the credit from the vouchers by typing in *123*(the 14 digits from the voucher)#
  • Use the credit to buy the plan: *900*1339#
Step 3: Put notes into the machine
and apply the credit
The plan is 399 Baht + VAT, so after applying it, we had about 70 Baht credit remaining, which is handy to make some local calls.

We now (again) have the unlimited WiFi, plus 1 GB of full-speed mobile data (slows down once exhausted, just like me).

So, the lesson learnt is: Buy the credit from the machine, then buy the plan with it, don't waste it on non-plan WiFi access.

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