Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sick as a dog..

It had to happen eventually...

Yesterday, I came down with a horrible case (though probably described as "mild", should a doctor diagnose it) of food poisoning.

Perfect timing, as we were about to check out and get on a long-distance bus...

TL;DR - Unpleasantness.
Warning: biological functions discussed in this article - skip if you're eating..
So, it's hard to pin down exactly was the cause - we think it may have been a chocolate cookie thing, as it has creme in it.
Either way, yesterday morning, a little after breakfast (which may also have been the cause), my stomach was feeling upset.

I took some Japanese tummy pills, which have helped Naomi in the past, but it seemed that this instance was too strong, and I developed diarrhoea, and went to the loo several times.

I thought that the timing might mean that it was from the dinner the night before, as we were at the opening ceremony dinner for the hotel, and had several of their cocktails. My tummy has been a little unhappy the day after a couple of drinks on other occasions, so I thought that was the cause this time, too.


This was more serious and I kept needing the loo, very unpleasant.
Fortunately, we'd already arranged for a late checkout, so I could switch between the loo and the bed, hoping to recover enough to be able to make the bus in the evening.

I hate vomiting. So, of course, I vomited.
And although the 'just before' and the 'during' parts of vomiting are the worst (who invented this function!!?? why not a neat valve on your stomach?) - after the suffering, there is a certain sense of relief.

So I got that about an hour before our taxi was picking us up to go to the bus terminal.
Spent more time in bed and the loo, but felt like the very worst might be over with...

Eventually, we get going, Naomi being amazing and taking care of everything! Checkout, taxi, bus ticket check-in, carrying most of the luggage (we have a lot), everything..

While I was at the loo at the bus terminal (what a great time to be introduced to the squat toilets they have here!), Naomi chatted a little with two French girls who were going on our bus.
She mentioned that I was sick and the girls asked if we had medicine - we didn't - so they offered medicine that is "the best in France", which should stop any vomiting and diarrhoea.
Before the French miracle medicine
I gratefully accepted, as the 8 hour bus ride immediately ahead would be very shitty (pun intended) otherwise.

The medicine took a while to kick in, but it calmed things down a bit. I still had diarrhoea, but the urgency wore off, and I only needed to go to the loo twice on the trip.
Thank you, French girls!

So, after we arrived at the hotel, and slept a bit (we got in at around 4am), I've spent today eating plain toast, sipping water and just now at dinner, had a tiny bit of soup, more bread and a banana juice (hoping to replenish both nutrients and fluids).

The diarrhoea has eased, and I feel much better than 24 hours ago!!
Will continue to take it easy - sticking to very simple foods until things return to normal.
Hopefully, I'll wake up all better in the morning, as we're going to do a tour of the lake.
After sitting in bed all day today, that sounds good.

Oh, and the chocolate cookie things? Thrown out! Not risking that again!

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