Tuesday, February 11, 2014

On the move again....

Now we are heading to Myanmar! We are both excited because neither of us have been to Myanmar yet, first time, woohoo!

So to get to Myanmar, we first had to get back to Bangkok. We had a few options for going back to Bangkok from Koh Samui. Option One: The easiest & the fastest - to fly. Option Two: To take the train either from Surat Thani or Chumphon. Option Three: Long distance bus.

Option one is too boring. We've already done the train from Bangkok to Lang Suan so we decided on option three, the bus!

It was actually a mini van pick up from our resort to the pier. Ferry to Surat Thani then 'VIP' bus all the way to Bangkok, stopping at Chumphon for dinner (which is included in the fare!).

There are many private & government buses to Bangkok, and various comfort levels. We wanted the 24 seaters (the most spacious) but we were told this was not available on the day we were leaving (probably BS). So we picked the next best which was 32 seats. We visited four different travel agencies and they all quoted between 1200~1800 baht. There are heaps of options - much cheaper ones too but they won't have any toilet on the bus, seats don't recline as much etc. Since the ride would be about 15 hours (from the hotel pick up to arriving at Bangkok bus terminal), we wanted to make sure we get the most comfortable possible.

So overall the experience was interesting. But next time, I will definitely go for 24 seats, double decker - saw them at the bus terminals and they looked MUCH nicer! The lady at the travel agency said 'Same Same' but they were so DIFFERENT! Grrrr

We did have personal entertainment system, snacks and drinks were provided, as well as dinner with the other locals, fun!

We arrived at Bangkok bus terminal around 5:30am (15.5 hours in total!), our flight is not due till 8pm so we have some time to kill. Hrmmm. Tired.

32 seater bus
English movies too
This is where we had dinner with bunch of other people
We don't know what we ate!
Bus terminal @ Koh Samui

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