Friday, February 21, 2014

Boogying down in Mandalay

So we arrived in Mandalay, the second biggest city in Myanmar on a bus, found a taxi (they find you, really) that eventually got us to our hotel, the Rising Venus Hotel.

Nice new hotel, so new, in fact, that they were having their official opening during our stay!

Opening Ceremony

We were handed an invitation to the Opening Dinner when we checked in, with big smiles and wishes that we would join them in their celebrations. We happily accepted.
Golden Ticket!!

The hotel room is nice, as you'd might expect from a hotel that opened just a month ago.
Our room

Very clean and everything is new.

The hotel is so new, that they were still doing some work (possibly relating to the opening dinner), so the power was cut a few times.
Playing my uke to practise..
Also, please excuse the mess..

Party Time

We showed up for the dinner, fashionably late (about 5 minutes or so), and saw a lot of local people sitting outside, eating a buffet dinner.

We were shown to our table, which was a bit less crowded..

We were soon joined by other foreign guests (three nice French retirees) and the consultant who helped develop the hotel. The consultant was super friendly, and so happy with how things worked out.
We got served food from the buffet (no, we didn't get to pick, so half my stuff was chicken, which I left), and drinks.. free drinks...
Meaty dinner

Capsicum cocktail! O_o

Oh, so many drinks... The capsicum cocktail was interesting, but we mainly had rum sours.. probably 5 of them... so we were quite, let's say, "in the partying mood"..?

Local guy whose name escapes me (see above re drink quantities), the hotel consultant and boob man yours truly
Two dancing princesses
Tipsy man and his beautiful wife, the consultant and his wife
Drunk people taking selfie while dancing
People kickin' up their heels
Naomi schmoozing with the hotel owner/manager
Friendly local, after chatting with Naomi for ages
Not wanting to go too crazy, we retired early (no, really, we did!) at around 10:30pm.
We were tired, and had important stuff to do.. like sleep.

The next day was when I got sick... not fun.

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