Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Why why why WHY??????????

The wines are so over priced in Thailand. Jacob's creek's chardonnay pinot noir costs 990 baht (over $30 USD or almost $35 AUD). In Australia, this wine is less than 10 bux!!!! I guess they are taxed heavily in this country, unlike beers or hard liquors - which I don't care for...

Red wines are slightly cheaper than white. Sparkling wines are the most expensive. Boo! We walked around Ko Tao asking if any restaurant serves sparkling wine or champagne by glass but most places don't even serve sparking wines... we found one place but they only serve by a bottle and it was 960 baht. And only one selection. I might just have to wait till I get to Koh Samui.....and hope the situation is a bit better there.

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