Friday, January 17, 2014

Travel vaccines - Tick!

Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute (QSMI) is where we went for our travel vaccines in Bangkok. As mentioned in our previous blog entry, getting vaccines in Thailand was a lot cheaper. In total, it was just over $100 USD... (includes: yellow fever, Hep A, Japanese encephalitis, Polio (with Tetanus & Diphtheria), typhoid & influenza)

Snake farm - Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute
We wanted to get them all done in one day but the doctor suggested spreading them over two days.

So first day:

Naomi - Yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis & Polio

Frode - Polio, Japanese encephalitis & Hep A.

Polio was painful.

The second day:

Naomi - Typhoid & Hep A

Frode - Typhoid & Influenza

For Hep A, we had to take two doses, it was long and painful. But the nurses & doctors are super nice and friendly.

We are glad it's over. Now both our arms are in pain.

After consultation with doctor, purchase vaccines

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