Monday, January 13, 2014

The biggest struggle so far .... deciding what to pack (by Naomi)

Step 1. dump everything I want to bring on my bed....and panic.

Step 2. Not enough space? more backpack
One 40L backpack I bought in China about 10 years ago... probably a knock off.. another 40L I bought for 800yen (approx $7.50 USD) at the local super market. Day pack my dad gave me. 

I really didn't want to carry two backpacks but I have way too much stuff... so I guess I'll have to carry one on my back and one, front. 

Unfortunately, I can't bring any of my favorite shoes.... All I am bringing with me are... sneakers, flip-flop & Teva sandals. Boo!
Step 3. Only bring functional shoes

.......hrmmmmmmm...but since I'm going to be attending a friend's wedding, I think I better bring at least one pair of high heels too. I can always send them back home.

So here.. I am going to squeeze this one in as well.
Unless you can't help yourself

How can I fit 365days or more of clothing in just two backpacks? You can't... so I will just have to buy more as I go. But for now...

- 3 pairs of shorts
- A pair of jeans
- Long pants (for running, yoga, flights)
- 2 skirts
- 3 dresses
- 8 tops
- 2 long sleeve tops
- Scarves

Step 4. Bring about one week of clothing (.. buy the rest as you go)
Step 5. Airtight packing with garbage bags


It would be great if I could just pick one pair... 
It's probably still way too much... but I have reduced from 20 pairs to 9, so that's good enough for me.

This is also out of control....

SK2 Clear lotion, SK2 Essence, face mask, face wash, aloe cream, sun block, sun tanning lotion, hair wax, lip balm, eye drops, shampoo, conditioner, hair treatment & make up stuff... and they are all very heavy.

Some tummy pills, pain killers and other emergency stuff for both Frode & I.

Other essentials 

Toshiba KIRAbook Laptop, Iphone, Digital camera, Ipod & Kobo.

Philips Sonicare toothbrush

Can't live without this.

Backpack lock (Pacsafe 55L) & other locks

International plug adapter
And of course, passport, (and copies), wallets, credit card, driving license, Eurail pass, print out of emergency contacts, copy of travel insurance & copy of e tickets.

Also, sunglasses, hat, microfiber towels, underwear, raincoat, mosquito repellent & mosquito net.

And .... ta dah!

.............I think I might have to reduce stuff to bring. 

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