Thursday, January 9, 2014

Preparation: Getting India Visa in Japan

Getting India Visa in Japan

Applying for India visa in Tokyo:

1. First, access the India visa site & complete online application form

2. PRINT out the online application form

3. Go to the India Visa Application center 
    You'll need:
    - Application form 
    - 50mm x 50 mm photo (there is a photo machine outside the visa center - 800yen)
    - Passport
    - Visa fee

   Additional documents required for non-Japanese:
   - Additional form
   - Copy of your passport
   - Copy of your residence card

4. Wait for your visa to be approved
   - Check online to see your status

5. Once processed, go & collect your passport / visa.

For Japanese, it costs 2,135 yen & takes about 5 business days (but I received mine in 3 days).
For non-Japanese (in Japan), it costs 9,435 yen & takes about 8 business days (or up to 2 weeks) - but Frode's visa was ready in 6 days.

They are quite strict with the application form. 
If there is a mistake, they will ask you to go back and re-do the form online. 
There is an 'internet cafe' on the 4th floor for people who want to re-do the form. 
But they will charge you 850 yen for 30 minutes! So if you are not sure, bring your laptop & USB stick. You can photocopy / print / scan at the Seven Eleven next door! 

Photo booth
800 yen for 50mm x 50mm photo

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