Thursday, January 2, 2014

Preparation: EuRail pass

One of the things we want to do on this trip is see lots of places in Europe.

We could fly here and there, but what's the charm in seeing a bunch of airports? They are all the same, high-priced food, BS security screenings, etc...

No thanks! 

We'll get enough airport time in without choosing more of them for Europe.


So we decided to go by rail, following (somewhat) in my (Frode's) mother's footsteps - she did Inter-Rail before my time, and apparently had lots of fun.

We'll get a chance to see (and smell) many of the locals, I'm sure..

And I'll try to pay a little attention to the scenery, rather than just reading all the time, like I would on a plane..

The new Inter-Rail is EuRail, and although I'm Norwegian, I'm not a resident of Europe, so I qualify for it. Naomi, of course, qualifies as well.

After much deliberation and calculation, where we weighed the costs of the individual trips we expect to take vs the pass (+ reservation fees), the 3-Month Global Pass won.
While it's expensive(!!!), we expect it to work out to be an overall discount of about 25% or so over individual tickets.

Angry rant: They charge loads of money for these passes, but they aren't all-inclusive - you need to pay some reservation fees on some trains.. What a crock..

Anyway, where was I?
Our very loosely sketched itinerary for Europe looks like this:
Fly in to Istanbul, go to Greek islands a bit, then back to Istanbul and over to Morocco.
(Yes, I know Morocco isn't in Europe, bear with me here)
After we see Morocco, we pop over to Spain (in Europe! Yay!) and start the EuRail pass:

  • Spain
  • -> Italy
  • -> France
  • -> Belgium
  • -> Netherlands
  • -> Germany
  • -> Denmark
  • -> Norway
  • -> Sweden
  • -> Denmark
  • -> Germany
  • -> Czech Republic
  • -> Austria
  • -> Slovakia
  • -> Hungary
  • -> Croatia
  • -> Slovenia
  • -> Switzerland
After Switzerland, we head to Africa!
(OK, technically, it's head back to Africa, since we'll have been in Morocco)

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