Sunday, January 19, 2014

Language barrier

As anyone who has travelled to a country where the official language differs from one's own have found, it can be a real challenge trying to get your point across sometimes.

For example, upon ordering breakfast, I requested 'no meat' in mine..

This is a "no meat" breakfast here in Lang Suan....
Plate with bread, eggs, ham and small sausages.
"No meat" = "Sausages and ham are ok", it seems..
 So, even when you are sure they understood you, chances are, you are wrong..

After we ate, we went to pay, and the ladies were trying to tell us something or other relating to us staying here and bringing the receipt from the reception to them...

One of the ladies was getting a little annoyed that we weren't able to understand her English - she knew a little, and thought we'd magically understand her if she mixed it in with some Thai.

While we have no idea what they were actually asking, I managed to get them to understand that we are staying another two days, so we aren't checking out yet.

The annoyed lady quickly cheered up at that point, and was really friendly, smiling her toothless smile and chattering happily with us.

Thanks, Google Translate app, for having "English -> Thai" as an option!!

When we go to Myanmar, however, there's no Translate for Burmese, so we might need to find a physical, ink-on-dead-trees, phrasebook..

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