Friday, January 24, 2014

Heading to an island

After an interesting experience at Din Dang, we headed south for an island. But first, a quick stop at Surat Thani for one night's stay and some hot showers! 

Checking out the night market 
Surat Thani, also known as the 'City of Good people' is a popular transit city for people going to Koh Phangan (famous for its full moon party, half moon party & black moon party - i.e. party all year around), Koh Samui & Koh Tao. So, Surat Thani has numerous 'travel agencies' that rip tourists off. 

We bought the night boat ticket to Koh Tao for 550 bahts per person. When we asked around at various travel agencies, they all quoted different prices. Some would say 'we can also give you the transfer to the pier'. The pier was just 700m walk from our hotel, so we walked. We then bought the ticket at the pier.  Leaving Surat Thani at 11pm, arriving Koh Tao at 8am.

Really cute cat - I want to take her home!
Surat Thani City Pillar Shrine
Waiting for the night boat
@ Milano Restaurant, Surat Thani
After some sightseeing in Surat Thani (the night market, the day market and a visit to shrine), we got onto the boat.

The mattresses on the boat were really narrow. Maybe a little too short for Frode but fine for me! I slept quite comfortably.

Night boat to Koh Tao
Inside the boat
Inside the boat

We arrived at around 6:30am, a little earlier than schedule. The guy from the Aminjirah resort came to pick us up.

This is where we'll be spending the next 12 days....

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