Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Getting pre-paid sim in Thailand

Immediately on arrival in Bangkok, we needed to hook back into communications - both internet and phone. Promises to parents needed to be kept!

We did some research prior to departing, and knew there would be at least one prepaid sim booth at the arrivals area in the airport, so we headed there.

Next to exit 7, and to the right of it, we hit jackpot. Not just one, but in the spirit of competition, three (that we saw).

photo of mobile provider booths in the airport
Scoping out the options
We did some price vs benefit comparisons and decided on the "true move H" provider, as it was cheaper for the data we chose (1 GB for 30 days) and included a little call credit (70 THB, which at 1 THB per minute for local calls "should be enough".

After handing over our precious phones to the lady at the counter (who expertly popped in the sims and set up the phones), we were again connected to the modern world.
Not bad for 7am on our first day. It was a big day, so check what else we did in other posts!

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