Saturday, January 18, 2014

Bangkok to Lang Suan on an "Express Train". . . .

After 3 days in Bangkok, we took a night train to Lang Suan - No first class available on this train, only second class. The ticket clerk says 'recline seat' so how bad could it be....

Still full of energy, waiting for our train
Train was supposed to leave at 22:50. It was delayed by 30 minutes but once arrived, it was fast to leave. The train had about 80% occupancy but as it makes various stops along the way, it became packed. 

I can't say the seats were comfortable but it was good enough. They even handed out cookies and orange juice. The toilet was difficult, especially with long skirt. 

Toilet on the train

After 7 hours, we arrived at Lang Suan railway station.

Lang Suan district is a province of Chumphon. It's about 531km south of Bangkok. No taxi nor tuk tuk outside the train station.... We asked the shop owner to take us to the hotel, he asked for 400 baht. We negotiated down to 200 baht - still very expensive but no other choice. We have to make local friends here, fast!

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